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* average performance after 3 months

Google Ads Partner

One of the fastest and easiest way to start getting customers for your business is Google Ads. Google Ads can become a trap: It's easy to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars without getting a single sale.

Staying on top of Google Ads and your competition requires continuous education, experience, and expertise. To save time & money, it makes sense to hire a trusted Google Partner like us. We are working with tons of satisfied customers and created countless successful Google Ads Campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Your products and services, and more generally your brand, may be a good fit for social media. However, growing on social media is often a slow grind that can take several months or years.

We can accelerate that growth and brand awareness by doing social media marketing. Your investment will expand your reach and place your brand as well as products and services in front of countless eyeballs.

Advanced Conversion Tracking

Impressions and clicks are nice, but they don't pay employees and bills. We implement rigourous tracking, including call tracking, to make sure that we optimize your paid marketing for conversions.

We are very transparent about the performance of paid marketing campaigns. We communicate often with our customers through meetings and emails to take the pulse and make sure their ads are having a real impact on their business.

A Taste Of How We Optimize Your Ads

Keywords Tuning

Keywords are certainly the most discussed lever when it comes to paid marketing strategies. Companies typically bid on keywords they want to show up for in targeted regions and compete against each other for the top positions.

Our keywording strategy is highly sophisticated, using our SMART technology to make you competitive. In simple terms, we optimize keywords to make sure you are showing at the right time, for the right geo, and for keywords that will generate a positive net return over investment for your business.

Schedule Tuning

Not all keywords are equal at all times. For example, a takeout restaurant would likely not want to come out in search results at 2 in the morning when they are closed. However, they might still want to show up for brand keywords and for reservation keywords.

The list of keywords and times when they should be active can quickly become huge, and can be overwhelming for a human to manage. That's why we have algorithms to guide us, through our SMART technology, and implement schedule tuning for us in real-time.


If you are offering a product or service that is mostly consumed locally, such as a spa salon, then your customers will often use keywords based on their current location such as "near me". That type of paid advertising is different than others because we also have to consider the current location of the user. These campaigns are called localized marketing campaigns.

We run many localized marketing campaigns for our customers, and in most cases, they are highly successful. That's because we continuously monitor and adjust zip codes targeted, competition, and keywords, and adjust campaigns accordingly.

The SMART Advantage

We have smart phones & smart homes, so where are the smart websites and digital marketing strategies? We have created a proprietary technology using AI called SMART that continuously analyze the data generated by your online presence and offers advice to improve your user engagement, conversion rates, and user satisfaction*.

* SMART is still in development and some features are not available to all customers.

How Does SMART Work?

We continuously collect data on your business's digital presence from your website, social media accounts, ads, reviews, and more. Data is collected through different means such as direct collection, integrations, and legal scraping. All of this data is your business's Analytics Box, a container full of data on how it's interacting with your customers and the world. To get actionable insights for you business, we then need to analyze that data. SMART is the name of our AI technology that processes your data and create recommendations to improve your digital presence, giving you a tremendous edge over your competition.

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