How to Get More Followers on Twitter

by Charlie | Sep 29, 2021

Learn How to Get More Followers on Twitter by Tweeting More Effectively

In 2021, it can take some time to build a successful presence on social media platforms like Twitter. Social media has become extremely competitive, and establishing a new account in this already-saturated platform is no walk in the park. Learning how to get more followers on Twitter and other social media platforms can boost your SEO, increase direct traffic to your website, and grow your online presence overall

Twitter is a uniquely difficult platform to scale your visibility. Twitter is an engagement-based tool. Simply posting interesting content on your account is not going to cut it. Consistent, constant interaction with other users is the only path towards scalability. When planning your approach to Twitter, it is important to understand how to “tweet” effectively. Optimization of tweets is not a one-time activity. It takes continual creativity to stay relevant. This guide will cover some of the basic points to keep in mind while you are tweeting and trying to scale your account.


Hashtags serve as Twitter’s way to combine all the information of specific keywords. For instance, on the night of the Oscars, clicking on #Oscars would redirect you to a library of tweets and interactions that included this hashtag. Hashtags are triggers that allow users to see the highlights, top stories, or trends of a specific keyword. Even in 2021, hashtags are arguably the best way to reach out to people, and in turn, grow your online presence on Twitter.

Twitter’s algorithm rewards content that uses no more than 1-2 hashtags. Your hashtags should be easy to spell and remember. If you are rolling out a creative Twitter campaign, you should use hashtags that are already popular or trending. Established accounts have the luxury of creating original hashtags to create a new trend. You can use AnalyticsBox’s Twitter Hashtag Trends tool to test out the popularity of hashtags over time before posting them on your own content!

twitter hashtag trends


Once a user sees your tweet, the actual content of that tweet will determine the likelihood of engagement. Tweets should be easy to follow and encouraging of response. The majority of your tweets should be relevant to your business or account. Occasionally sharing fun or off-topic material can also be refreshing to users! So what should you tweet about? New product announcements, blog posts, questions/polls, quotes, links, graphics, tips, fun facts, discount codes, and even jokes are all fair game! Experts suggest that using images and videos attract three times more retweets and likes as well. If you want to quickly build a graphic, consider an online graphic design platform like Canva to showcase your information.

Just remember the big picture. Your ultimate goal on Twitter is to grow your online presence, website traffic, and business. Whatever content helps your business get there faster is the content you should be posting. Whatever the content is, just make sure it is original and interesting!


Twitter is a social media platform that is uniquely built around engaging with other users. Tweeting your own content in a vacuum will not be enough to grow your online presence. One way to engage other accounts is to like, retweet, and comment on their tweets. When you comment on others’ content, make sure it is a relevant, unique response. Post something that will make them inclined to respond back! Another way to engage others is to directly tweet at them or tag them in your own content. Just make sure the people you are tagging do not feel spammed, and that the tag is relevant to them as well! 

If you want to speed up the process, try to get the attention of big accounts. A retweet from an account with tens of thousands of followers will significantly increase your visibility. It is the most efficient way to draw the attention of users to your tweet. One shout-out from an account with a million followers can be enough to blow up your account on Twitter! However, big wins are rare, so this approach should only be part of your larger strategy. 


Another vital way to optimize tweets is to figure out “when” to tweet. Knowing exactly when you should tweet can make all the difference. Use AnalyticsBox’s Twitter insights to identify which days of the week and times of the day have resulted in the most engagement! Twitter is a fast-paced platform. If you are tweeting when your target audience is not logged-in, they may never see your content! Check out our guide to learn how to leverage your customers’ timing patterns.