Welcome to AnalyticsBox!

by Charlie | Apr 09, 2021

Congratulations- if you are reading this then you have stumbled upon one of the next great innovations in the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence for businesses!

The Mission

Okay- maybe we aren’t there yet, but if you stick with us and come along for the ride, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Our mission is simple:
Empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business decision-makers by connecting to all of their most important business systems and generating actionable, meaningful insights at the click of a button.
Gone are the days where you have to sift through cumbersome dashboards or dreary reports to gather meaningful information and make data-driven business decisions!

The Problem We're Trying To Solve

We understand that your time and resources are limited, and that's why we are putting all of our efforts into simplifying and automating daunting data engineering tasks, and generating personalized insights based on your custom data.
Imagine signing in and having all of your business’s major sources of data- Google Analytics, SalesForce, Bing Ads, Quickbooks, etc.- all in one place with customized insights generated for you in a personalized feed without having to do any of the digging yourself. No BS- just end-of-the-line actionable information.
We have big ideas for how far AnalyticsBox can go, but we had to start somewhere! Right now, our first integration is Google Analytics, and anyone who uses GA to monitor their website’s traffic can now use AnalyticsBox to skip the hassle of trying to dig up meaningful information and get spoon-fed the information they need to improve their website’s performance.
For example, we already have a page performance analysis live on our site that will tell you which pages are performing well, and which have room to improve (and how)! That is just one analysis- our coverage of your personal Google Analytics data is extensive!

What's Coming

We have plenty more on the way too, with new insights coming out every week and new data connections on the near horizon! So, take a look around and let us know what you think! Our goal is to empower you to take your business to the next level, so your feedback and suggestions are encouraged.
We envision seeing AnalyticsBox becoming more than just a product; we want to be a community where people can share information, ideas, and insights. Join now and see what we can do for you!