About Us

Our Mission

Giant corporations, increasing costs and regulations: It's harder than ever for small businesses to compete. We understand because we are also operating a small business every day.

That's why at AnalyticsBox, we made it our mission to bring the power back to small businesses by helping them grow their online presence using cutting-edge marketing and data analytics technologies.

Our Experienced Team

AnalyticsBox was founded in 2020 by Alex Mancini and Charles Render. Alex and Charles have close to 20 years of combined experience in the world of data, including Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, and more. They have seen countless applications of data that increased business profits, whether they are a large public corporation or a small mom and pop shop.

Alex Mancini

Alex has been working in the Marketing Analytics space for the last 10 years for small and big businesses. Fun fact: He learned to code 23 years ago on a Compaq Presario 350 MHz!

Charles Render

Charles has been working in the data analytics space for the last 7 years. Fun fact: Charlie dreams to one day use his data analytics skills to help the Orlando Magic win a championship!

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