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Digital Tools To Realize Your Vision

Staying one step ahead of your competition in today's digital world is a massive challenge. That's why we offer full-service website, advertising, and social media solutions powered by cutting-edge marketing and data analytics technologies. Small businesses all over North America are already trusting AnalyticsBox with their online presence. Here's why:

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

In a digital world saturated with generic and prepackaged solutions, how can your business stand out? Your business is unique. Stop comprimising and unleash the full potential of your business by getting the flexibility that it deserves. All of our products and services are tailored to your needs. Forget paying tens of thousand of dollars to hire developpers for one-offs that will quickly become obselete. We continuously work with you using an iterative approach to bring your vision to life.

SMART Technology

Our proprietary SMART AI technology optimizes your website and digital strategies to generate higher user engagement, conversion rates, and user satisfaction. This technology will help you across your entire digital landscape by improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website security, eCommerce functionalities, email & SMS marketing performance, and more.

* Some features are still in development and are not available yet.

Human Touch

Corporations today are doing anything to avoid talking to you. We do not operate that way - we believe in the human touch. Our customers can email or text their account manager and hop on a call with programmers or marketing strategists. With AnalyticsBox, you're not alone. You will find a partner invested in your successs. We want you to be part of the process, because your success is our success.

SMART Websites & Digital Marketing Strategies

We have smart phones & smart homes, so where are the smart websites and digital marketing strategies? We have created a proprietary technology using AI called SMART that continuously analyze the data generated by your online presence and offers advice to improve your user engagement, conversion rates, and user satisfaction*.

* SMART is still in development and some features are not available to all customers.

How Does SMART Work?

We continuously collect data on your business's digital presence from your website, social media accounts, ads, reviews, and more. Data is collected through different means such as direct collection, integrations, and legal scraping. All of this data is your business's Analytics Box, a container full of data on how it's interacting with your customers and the world. To get actionable insights for you business, we then need to analyze that data. SMART is the name of our AI technology that processes your data and create recommendations to improve your digital presence, giving you a tremendous edge over your competition.

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